Xbox 720 Sneak Peek | Xbox 720


Microsoft’s Xbox 720 release date is expected to be launched around Christmas 2013, around the same time that Sony will be launching their PS4.

As it comes into the stores there is much to expect from the latest Xbox. Some of its features are expected to be similar to the new PS4 but rumors have it that it comes with reduced graphics potency.

Its CPU will be an AMD Jaguar-based processor which is clocked at 1.6GHz, identical to the one in the PS4. For graphics, the Xbox 720 console is rumored to have a better version of the AMD 7000 series, based the 28nm Graphics Core Next. The graphics for PlayStation 4 is supported by an AMD chip similar to the Radeon 7850 card with 64 cores each of 18 GCN processing clusters.

Ok we needed to tell you some tech info so you get the idea of whats coming next…

The Xbox is rumored to come with 8GB memory which will be generally used by the entire system and have separate memory for its graphics, while the PS4 comes with 8GB of GDDR5 memory which is unified to the system and graphics memory to enhance the fastest gaming ever.

This suggests that the Xbox 720 may not provide a gaming sensation like that of PS4 but it will be faster in other applications  like running concurrent applications and supporting a full range of XTV platform scenarios like Video Chat and 1080p video making it more a complete family entertainment console .

What about the controllers? Microsoft has been pushing Kinect quite hard through 2012 and there’s been some great games and applications released but rumors suggest that the second version of Kinect will support the Xbox 720 gaming experience. A component that is expected to remain in the gaming scene  is the 360 control pad, due to its wide popularity it’s doubtful we will see major design changes.

Quick Fact: Microsoft has announced new functionality for gesture controls coming to the Kinect for Windows SDK, while also reigniting our imagination about the future of Kinect Fusion. Although there is not alot of information on this as Microsoft is keeping tight lipped, Tech Radar are pretty confident that you can do hand gestures and increased movement sensitivity in games.   I guess to dive to the floor in the next COD you might HAVE TO dive to the floor lol.

In terms of the visual gaming experience, a patent has been filed by Microsoft seeking to protect the new 3D gaming experience where images are projected onto walls, in a step to fully increase the gaming sensation and leave gamers with a totally new gaming experience. This project, codenamed ‘Fortaleza’ has Kinect at its heart and should work with Wi-Fi enabled Fortaleza glasses which are similar to Project Glass glasses by Google.

So when we will we see the console? Contradictory reports are circulating. A report from the Game Informer in January suggested a likely surprise launch of the Xbox 720 during the Game Developers Conference, however this never happened.  What about a reveal at E3? Microsoft may stay away from the mega-show just as Sony have planned with the PS4.

I think it would be safe to assume that both the new Xbox Console and PS4 will be released ready for all those hungry buyers for Christmas and 2013 will be the year of a new gaming experience with the release of the Xbox 720 and the PS4.