Xbox 360 Receives Patch 1.05 – Here Are the Patch Notes

Black Ops 2 Patch Notes

While Treyarch is getting ready to unleash the Revolution, a patch has been released on Xbox 360. David Vonderhaar said it’d be a big one and by the looks of things, it sure is.

Patch 1.05 addresses a host of issues. adds new features and improves upon features that already exist. Without further ado, here are the patch notes for patch 1.05.

New Features & Feature Improvements

  • Added support for Live Streaming in all Public Match playlists.
  • Added League Best from Season 1 to Player Card.
    • If you played in multiple series and/or multiple teams then your highest division and rank will be displayed.  The League Best will span all seasons.  If you finish with a higher division rank in Season 2 then your new League Best will be displayed after Season 2.
  • Added a Cumulative Daily Pool instead of a Weekly Pool in League Play. 200 Rank Points are added to a player’s pool every day. Points that are not used are rolled into the next day.
  • Added 2 new pages to the Combat Record (the Combat Summary and Medals).
  • Implemented sorting of Medals in the After Action Report.
  • Lowered HUD threshold for the “low health” overlay to increase player’s awareness of low health.
  • Added a “Go to Top” button for the League Leaderboard.

Issues Addressed

  • Matchmaking modified to never return games outside of player’s own continent, unless the Connection Type in Search Preferences is set to “Any”.
  • Addressed an issue where the UAV would not trigger if called in while aiming down sight.
  • Addressed an issue where the Master Demolition challenge did not unlock when the requirements were complete.
  • Addressed issue with the headshot sound not playing in final Killcams and Theater Demos.
  • Fixed an issue in League Play where “Career Wins” for a Series were not displayed during placement in the Lobby Career Overview.
  • Updated the After Action Report in League Play so that bonus points are not summed with the ladder points in points earned for the match.
  • Removed the ability to make dual wield attachment combos in Elite Create a Class and addressed an issue where these classes were appearing as missing in game.
  • Corrected mode description message displayed on YouTube when Live Streaming  Public Match Core game modes.
  • Stocks on SMGs no longer allow a player to move faster while ADS than when moving normally.
  • Shotgun crosshairs will no longer turn red if an enemy is out of the shotgun’s maximum damage range.
  • Fixed an issue where bullets would not fire straight immediately after aiming down the sight while moving at the same time.
  • Improved turret tracking to eliminate false positives when checking line of sight.
  • Turrets now have smoother tracking when targeting players.
  • Improved bot pathing on multiple maps.
  • Current League Info is now getting updated properly in the Player Identity.
  • Manual sorting on League Teams removed as the results are now returned correctly.
  • Improved the Scoreboard to make friend Playercard information more accessible.
  • Addressed multiple UI issues.
  • Players can no longer earn credit towards a Prestige Equipment challenge through “friendly” flashbangs, concussions, and shock charges.
  • Fixed Select Fire weapons reverting back to their default fire method when using certain Scorestreaks and not calling them in.
  • Addressed an exploit where the game allowed access to the Custom Games Settings while believing the game was Public Matchmaking, allowing XP.
  • Fixed UI errors when linking Live Stream.
  • Score and points are no longer awarded if a player destroys their own turret in Hardcore FFA.
  • Improved image alignment when Stereoscopic 3D is enabled.
  • Addressed an issue where players were able to plant numerous Assault Shields.
  • Addressed an issue where the Stealth Helicopter was able to drop below the map in Drone.
  • Players are no longer able to get infinite Black Hats by immediately using another Black Hat.
  • Addressed an issue where it was possible for a player to equip two Assault Shields at the same time.
  • Players Spectating a One in the Chamber game no longer earn Survivor Bonus Points.
  • A player can no longer earn Medals for multi-kills if they continue to kill quickly after dying and re-spawning.
  • Various minor map fixes were made across multiple maps.

Gameplay Balancing


  • Death Machine: 3 hit kill range increased.
  • Dragonfire: health increased, gun spread reduced.
  • AGR: ground speed increased, reduced machine gun close range damage.
  • Warthog: reduced missile delay.
  • Lodestar: reduced missile speed and AOE radius.
  • Swarm: drone re-spawn delay increased.


  • Hard Wired: Players with hard wired are now completely unaffected by EMP grenades.


  • Trophy System: increased range.


  • All + Silencers: reduced range.

Assault Rifles:

  • All: reduced idle sway.
  • M27: reduced amount of bullets to headshot kill at all ranges, increased 4-hit kill range.
  • Type25: reduced amount of bullets to headshot kill at all ranges, slightly reduced maximum hip fire spread.
  • SCAR: reduced amount of bullets to headshot kill at all ranges, slightly reduced maximum hip fire spread.
  • SIG556: penetration increased from medium to large, increased maximum number of bullets to kill at long distance and reduced burst delay.
  • TAR21: increased 3-hit kill range.
  • SMR: slight increase to damage so that 2 hit kills can still happen with minor penetration, headshot multiplier increased at long distance.
  • FAL OSW + Select Fire: increased recoil.
  • FAL OSW: increased hip spread.


  • All: ADS in and out time reduced.


  • SRM1216: slightly increased short range damage.


  • Executioner: increased medium range damage.

There you have it soldiers, the patch notes for the latest update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Enjoy the game and when you get a chance, let me know how patch 1.05 is working out for you.

  • Randy Bowling

    All I ask is that you fix the knifing system. That’s all I want.

    • Tihulu

      “Fixing” the knifing system isn’t easy Randy. “Fixing” the knifing system for you will most probably “break” it for someone else. The knifing system isn’t something you can just fix with a flick of a switch.

      Surely Treyarch is doing their best to make it as balanced as possible. For some, this will suck. While others are perfectly fine with it.

  • NotABrony

    Some of the guns have the wrong names in the post.

    • Tihulu

      Are you sure? These are the names provided by Treyarch’s team.

      Which names do you think should be different then?

  • John McCutcheon

    Sig556 and tar21? Could this be future dlc weapons?

    • Tihulu

      The SIG556 is now called the SWAT 556. Not sure why Treyarch insists on using the old name.

      As for the TAR-21, that was the name used in Modern Warfare 2. The Black Ops 2 equivalent is the MTAR.

      Someone at Treyarch isn’t paying attention it seems.

  • George Vlahogiannis

    great job treyarch im very happy to see that you did all these changes.i dont agree with the high scorestreak nerf becuase its very hard to get them in this game and they should be rewarding.the swarm needs a buff: it can kill you, ppl switch to their blindeye class when one is in the sky and everyone just stays inside. some other problems that i would like to address are:emp grenade is so overpowered, everyone is using smgs(msmc op) dsr 50 never gives a hitmarker, op pistols such as b23r and kap40.never used perks: d silence, hard wired,awareness , blindeye, exterme conditioning.(buff them) engineer is op( should not have equipment trigger delay)

    • Logical

      I agree with you and disagree with you in some ways; Yes, there is no need to nerf the high scorestreaks because it’s hard to get them sometimes (Honestly, I never went into a match where anyone was using the Lodestar, Warthog, &/or Swarm). Sure, buff the underused perks [IDEAS: Dead Silence - Mute teammate noises as well ; Hard Wired - They technically buffed it in this patch; Awareness - Increase sound amplification range; Blind Eye - Make it like MW3 with Pro - Faster launcher lock-on time, enhanced bullet damage against air support, missiles take one less flare against certain scorestreakes; Extreme Conditioning - Increase sprint duration by one or two seconds]. EMP grenade complaints? Use Hard Wired, they buffed it to where you’ll be unaffected by them or use trophy systems. Overused SMGs? An earlier patch nerfed the SMGs quite a bit in terms of hip-firing and bullet penetration, within the patch, the MSMC’s recoil was slightly increased as well. The B23R and the KAP-40 aren’t “OP”, their headshot multipliers were greatly nerfed rendering it useless. No DSR 50 hit-markers? Stop playing Hardcore, add a suppressor, and shoot in the legs and stomach and arms… Still “OP”? Use the Ballista, repeated hitmarkers in the stomach (No, I’m not saying the gun sucks, it actually has faster handling traits than the DSR 50). Engineer isn’t “OP”, Trigger delays are useful as many players should be annoyed by Bouncing Betties, Shock Charges and Claymores. Anyone disagrees on this, oh, well, pretend you didn’t read this. Anyone agrees? Thank you for your support.

      • George Vlahogiannis

        thank you for ur opinion, although i dont think you are completely right:

        im not going to put hard wired on just because an enemy is using emp grenades, just decrease their blast radious! it is ridiculous, you just toss an emp (even without using engineer and thats what the engineer is for to spot enemy equipment not to bypass them, engineer should be used along with blackhats and emp grenades, engineer is op since you spot enemy equipment, you delay the explsoion and you reroll care packages!(and btw im sick of annoying teamnates rerolling my care packages!)what i would recommend is to mix hard wired with blindeye as one perk.the fact that they patched some things doesnt necessarily mean that they worked perfectly! even after the smg nerfs everyone is using smgs running around trying to ‘beast’ and when they die by an assault rifle they say ‘aww you headglitcher!’ its called cover and you should learn to use it sometimes instead of dropshoting to get your easy kill and show your ‘skills’… anyway the dsr 50 doesnt give hitmarkers in the stomach, which makes quick scoping extrememly easy in this game , anytime a sniper fires at close range i die.thats so unfair sniper should not be able to kill at close range! its so op! snipers are for long range support and like many ppl call it ‘hard scoping’.