Want to play Black Ops 2 better?

How To Prestige With No Blood On Your Hands


Men’s Journal just released 9 tips on how to become a better player based on interviews with Mike “Hastro” Rufail and Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt, official play-by-play announcers for Major League Gaming (MLG).


  1. Cover is your greatest ally: Might sound obvious, but utilising cover makes you a smaller target, in contrast to the ‘run and gun’ approach
  2. Perfect your jump shot: Learn to jump, aim and shoot while in gunfights, moving through doorways and around corners.
  3. Stop, drop and fire away: The dropshot can drastically throw off your opponent’s ability to target you, and Wyatt recommends changing your controller to “Tactical” button layout
  4. Try attaching the millimetre scanner (MMS) to your weapon: It has the capability to reveal enemies behind cover or smoke within 25 meters and is touted as the ultimate anti-camper weapon.
  5. Know your spawn points: Understand where respawn zones are using theater mode and position your team to force respawns that are tactically advantageous.
  6. Be aggressive: Learn to play with ‘smart’ aggression, going after the enemy instead of protecting your KD ratio, but making sure you have the advantage where possible before engaging.
  7. Practice, practice, practice: Practice your shooting and aiming via fast-paced objective game modes like Headquarters and Domination that are more target-rich.
  8. Watch yourself: Use theater mode for your education, watch and learn about how you got taken out so easily, using your opponent’s point of view.
  9. Get a better TV: If you are serious about your hardware, a 20 to 27 inch computer monitor with short response time outguns a 42+ inch flat screen in terms of responsiveness to onscreen activity…having said that, I am not keen to go smaller screen and miss the action!

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    Good tip but drdrop shotting does not work in hard core :-) I only wish they had more mods :-( these are good tips for newbies!