New “Turned” Zombies Game Mode, What is it All About?

Black Ops 2 Zombies - Turned Game Mode

Call of Duty fans everywhere went mental on cue when news that the Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack would eventually be making its rounds. Among the Zombies content was a brand new map called Die Rise, which fans are really enjoying and also a brand new game mode titled “Turned“, which allows you to step into the shoes of a Zombie for the first time.

The mode however isn’t for the faint-hearted type of gamer, its fast-paced action will keep you on your toes. The mode only has one map so far, that being the Diner area we know from TranZit, however some extra area were added to take way the claustrophobic feel. The game also needs a minimum of two players to work, so no going solo or against bots I’m afraid, damn you Treyarch!

There are two types of games within the mode, one being reverse gun-game (default) with 5 or so weapons and another called Shotgun involving  just an Olympia (2 shells) and M1911, sounds easy right?  The game starts with everyone as Zombies, once someone finds the cure power-up they will change into the human and then the games begin. The game only allows one person to be a human at any given time and everyone else taking the role as Zombie. The human’s job is to survive the incoming Zombies and gain points, with the person at the end of the game with the most points winning. The player controlling the Zombie that kills the human player will immediately take the role of the human, where the most points can be earned, so on so forth.

The game also features plenty of power-ups, with humans able to obtain green power-ups, Zombies pick up red power-ups and purple for both. You can check them out below:

  • The Nuke: Can be grabbed by both sides, with the person who obtains it killing all other players an assuming the role of human.
  • Double points: Can be grabbed by both sides, doubles the amount of points you obtain as a human, doubles the teams points as a Zombie.
  • Max Ammo: If grabbed by the human player then ammo will be restored. If grabbed by the Zombie player, the human player will lose all his/her ammo.
  • Cymbal Monkey: This can only be obtained by the human player. When thrown it will show a clone of the human and hide the real human in the process.
  • Insta-Kill: Allows the human to kill Zombies quicker.

Knowing what the mode consists of is all well and good, but succeeding is what’s important. So if you want some tips you can check out the video released by TmarTn below, where he talks about the mode and knowing when to strike and win.

If you have any questions about Turned or any other Zombies content, just pop it in the comment section below.