Revolution Map Pack Gets New Trailer – Teases the Sliquifier

Revolution Map Pack Gets New Trailer

Today is all about the release of the Revolution Map Pack on Xbox 360. The Map Pack, which consists of 4 all-new Multiplayer maps, a new Zombies map, a new Zombies game mode, and – for the first time in a Call of Duty game – a brand new Multiplayer weapon, just received a third trailer.

The new trailer, which “celebrates” the launch of the Revolution Map Pack, shows you a lot more of the maps than we’ve seen so far. We did get a nice looks of some of the maps with a gameplay video, but nothing beats a good old trailer from Activision, especially if that trailer includes a good look at the new Zombies map, Die Rise, the new Zombies mode, Turned, and some animations for the new Zombies weapon, the Sliquifier.

The Revolution Map Pack was released today on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for a price of 1200 MSP or $15. Black Ops 2 Season Pass holders can download the Revolution Map Pack from the in-game store for free. PlayStation 3 and PC users will get access to the Revolution Map Pack on February 28th.