Latest patch includes microtransactions

Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Map Pack - Grind

Microtransactions are the new buzz when it comes to Call of Duty. It is basically a single transactions on things like skins to personalize your weapon, extra slots (either custom loadouts or theater space), Nuketown Zombies (available to some in other map packs but it will be sold alone), and Flags of the world calling cards.

It is not like this is a huge groundbreaking innovation, but I think it opens up the game to such things as selling weapons that are not available in the game and/ or perks and attachments as well. It is an excellent way to make someone feel more attached to their game but creates some obvious risks around enticing gamers to spend more money. With people spending a lot of money on Facebook games for temporary fixes, it seemed it was only a matter of time before console games jumped into the world of microtransactions.

As of right now, these features are only coming out for Xbox, but they will soon be followed by PS3, I am sure. There is no official release date for these features to be coming out for the PS3. Let’s get down to specifics, meaning the known costs for the player to buy these new benefits. $1.99 will get you 10 create-a-class for emblems, films, and screenshots. For $0.99, you will get a few more flags for your specific region that can be used for your calling card. For an additional $1.99, you can customize your weapon’s camo, calling card, and recticle. An example of this being the bacon camo that will be offered for a weapon camo.  If you did not buy the season pass and wishing you could have Nuketown 2025, well the wait is over because you will be also able to get Nuketown 2025.

Activision also has said that these microtransactions are here to stay and will be integrated into the next generation of consoles.