“Juggernog Pro” Perma Perk Tutorial by TheSyndicateProject

"Juggernog Pro" Perma Perk Tutorial by TheSyndicateProject

One of the Easter Eggs Treyarch hid in the Zombies mode are the “Permanent Perk”. Although those aren’t really permanent, once they got their name, it stuck.

Up until now, 3 of these “Permanent Perks” were found. Those 3 being Quick Revive, Metal Barriers and Deadshot Daiquiri. Today we can add a 4th to the list of “Permanent Perks”:


This ”Permanent Perk” is probably the most important one and as you’ll be able to see in the video below, super easy to unlock. With the ”Juggernog Pro” perma Perk unlocked, it will take 4 hits to go down instead of the usual 2 hits. And with ”Juggernog Pro” Perma perk and the regular Juggernog perk on top of it, you will go down in 6 hits.

Watch as TheSyndicateProject walks you through the process of unlocking ”Juggernog Pro” perma perk and unlock it for yourself as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.parrella.9 Kevin Parrella

    is it permanent when you did on solo, then go to online?