How to Prestige With No Blood on Your Hands

How To Prestige With No Blood On Your Hands

The Call of Duty universe can thank death in a way for its success worldwide. Through the years kids and adults have been getting their kicks by maliciously downing opponents on the virtual battlefield over and over again. What about those who dislike all the killing though, the horrible groans of death and all its trimmings that take its toll on a gamer, how will they succeed online?

What you might not of known is that every Black Ops 2 gamer could level up and never lay a finger on the opposing enemy, sounds extremely challenging right? With Black Ops 2 taking heavy to teamwork and rewarding gamers for helping their buddies, doing certain non-killing type tasks can still gain you a lot of experience points in-game. Take Reddit user SilkyMuscles as an example, the gamer recently posted a screenshot of  his Call of Duty ELITE stats online, which showed his 0.00 kill/death ratio, 100% win/loss ration and score-per-minute of 131.

So how exactly did he get the ball rolling? For starters it’s important to play in the right game mode, playing Team Deathmatch will get you nowhere in a hurry, while Domination and Hardpoint focuses on teamwork and capturing objectives, thus filling the coffers with XP. While using guns is definitely out of the question, using non-lethal equipment can get you to the next level, equipping Shock Charges can slow down enemies and get you a kill assist. Using the Trophy System will give you a bonus for stopping explosives and EMP Grenades will give XP for stopping Bouncing Betties and C4 from exploding.

While you go hunting for XP you will most certainly die… a lot. Using certain perks will make sure you survive longer, so make sure to equip perks such as Engineer, Scavenger and Blind Eye to help in your journey. Doing this challenge will be frustrating to say the least, but if you think you have the mantle then give it a try and let us know how you’re getting on, we’ll throw you some encouragement.

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Source: Gameranx

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