Die Rise – How to Build the Trample Steam

Die Rise - How To Build The Trample Steam

It’s been a few days since the release of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack and gamers have had some time to grow accustomed to the new Zombies map Die Rise. Just like the TranZit map that came before, Die Rise includes many buildables gamers can create and help their fight against the undead, like the Sliquifier for example, which I shared a guide to recently.

One of the new buildables that features in Die Rise is the Trample Steam. The buildable consists of four different parts and allows gamers to hop from building to building like using a trampoline. It however can also propel Zombies into the ceiling or fling them away from you if placed inside a room, so it can be classified as a weapon also.

The buildable can be created on the workbench situated in the building across from where you complete the Facing the Dragon achievement. The four parts are located in or around the spawn room, so you shouldn’t have trouble picking them up.


  • Panel
  • Flag
  • Fan
  • Motor


Like with the Sliquifier, the parts will spawn in different locations depending on the game, but will stay within a certain area, so you will not need to go far to collect them.

  • One piece is located in the left hand corner of the spawn room
  • One piece is located halfway up the stair case in the spawn room
  • One piece is found on the right side of the spawn room
  • One piece is found outside of the only door of the spawn room

Hopefully this guide will fast track you to getting the Trample Steam and make the battle against the undead a little easier and fun. If you want a visual walkthrough on how to make the Trample Steam, watch the video below.

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