Die Rise – Use This Barrier Glitch at Your Own Risk

Die Rise - Zombie Map Barrier Glitch Surfaces

Like every piece of downloadable content that releases for Call of Duty, certain gamers will go hunting for ways to exploit the content for their benefit. It’s an unwanted part of the game, but they’re here and ain’t going anywhere fast. With that said, it hasn’t taken long for the first glitch on Zombies map Die Rise to surface, with gamers taken advantage of a “barrier glitch” in-game.

For those not familiar with barrier glitches, they allow you to get to locations on the map where Zombies can’t attack you, but allowing you to shoot the undead with ease. We saw a similar barrier glitch take its grip on the TranZit map which launched with Black Ops 2, with developer Treyarch still not addressing the issue.

As for the Die Rise barrier glitch, all you need to do is make your way to the ramp you scale to complete the Facing the Dragon achievement, go left and jump towards the door past the broken barrier, do it successfully and you will be basically invincible. YouTube user daModder100HD uploaded a video of the glitch itself, which you can check out below.

If you want to try this glitch out for yourself then I suggest doing it quickly as Treyarch will no doubt find out about it and fix it. I suggest not doing it, as Treyarch might ban you, so you’ve been warned.

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  • Petit Lennart

    Ban him, he found a glitch!