Die Rise – Use This 8 Player Glitch at Your Own Risk

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If you have been staying tuned to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 news on the site, you  might remember the Die Rise barrier glitch piece I posted recently and me mentioning that it probably won’t be the last exploit to hit the web. Well I was right, with 8 players now able to play on Die Rise at the same time, completely bending the rules!

The glitch is similar to the one we previously saw run riot on the TranZit Zombies map, which allowed gamers to reach insane rounds with all their buddies. To get the glitch to work however takes trial and error, with second controllers and pressing buttons really quickly all needed, shame it couldn’t be easier!

How to play with 8 players on Die Rise

To start you need to set your player limit to two, which can be accessed through the party privacy settings. Next you must invite one friend to your party and create a Die Rise custom lobby… still with me? This is where it starts to get tricky, you will need to turn on a second controller, press B and select bring party.

Once you have done that an error message will eventually appear, which means you’re on the right track. Once the error message appears you then must select the bring party option again, but this time hit down and A straight away, if done right it will once again show you an error message. You must then back out with the second controller and invite two more people to the lobby and start the game. Once you get into the game just invite the four other players and they should all spawn in on the second round as Russman.

We recommend not doing this, as Treyarch might reign down on you with the banhammer, but if you want to live dangerously so be it. If you want a visual walkthrough on how to achieve the glitch, check out the video by mcsportshawk posted below.

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