Call of Duty: Ghosts Patch Lowers RAM Requirement from 6GB to 4GB


When Call of Duty: Ghosts was first released, the PC version of the game required a hefty 6GB of RAM, in order to run. This was likely to have alienated a number of potential players. However, a 400MB patch for the game, announced by Infinity Ward, decreases the amount of memory required by the game from 6GB to just 4GB.

While an increase in the game’s optimization is likely to be well-received by the Call of Duty audience, such an enormous change in system requirements may be somewhat difficult for Infinity Ward to explain away. There have been accusations that the initial 6GB memory requirement was unreasonable, and that the high system requirements were the result of lazy development, and poor optimization (perhaps owing to the fact that the PC version of the game accounted for a mere one percent of the game’s total sales.)

In addition to decreasing the amount of memory used by the game, the patch will also introduce eSports rules, and a new Broadcaster Mode to the game. The patch will also fix “menu-stuttering,” which was reported by a number of players. Additional smaller tweaks and bug-fixes are likely also addressed by the patch, and can be reasonably expected; but official patch notes have not yet been made available.