Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC footage released with The Replacer skit


Did you miss him? Here is Activision’s live-action short that is just cheekily funny. He’s back for Black Ops 2: Uprising. If you haven’t seen it, The Replacer, well, replaces you and does all the domestic things you should be doing while working on your K/D ratio. He’s got a friend in tow this time around. Laugh your arses off as they do menial everyday things.

All the laughs and jives aside, be sure that you catch the new footage for the newest maps hidden in the trailer. Check out Treyarch’s Behind the Scenes look at Alcatraz-set Zombies map Mob of the Dead.

In the Mob of the Dead, infamous mobsters from the Prohibition Era are back with a vengeance. To top it off, they are voiced by your favorite Hollywood gangsters including Billy Handsome (Ray Liotta), Al ‘The Weasel’ Arlington (Joe Pantoliano), Salvatore ‘Sal’ DeLuca (Chazz Palmentiri), and Michael ‘Finn’ O’Leary (Michael Madsen). You will play these villains and hatch a plan to escape the infamous Alcatraz. Alcatraz now has a swarm-full of nasty zombies. There are new zombies, together with an Afterlife mode, Civil War weaponry and an authentic Prohibition-era HUD. It gets better with a new perk, Electric Cherry, which sees zombies zapped with electricity upon reload.

As we have been talking about in the past few posts, Uprising features four PvP maps: ‘Magma’, ‘Encore’, ‘Studio’, and ‘Vertigo’.

The updates are great. We can’t wait for 16 April 2013 for the Xbox release. The PS release will be announced soon.

I’d be very happy for The Replacer to step in for this, even just for a day!

Check out the Uprising video and map details here.

Don’t forget the next Double XP weekend starts soon.